Feature Films

Newton's Laws of Emotion
In the pursuit of Sophia Charlotte, a beautiful Prussian royal, a young Isaac Newton makes his greatest discoveries: calculus, the laws of motion, universal gravitation, and ... love.

Finalist, 2011 Hamptons International Film Festival’s Screenwriters’ Lab

I'm Not Phil
screenplay by Eugene Ramos, based on a story by Eugene Ramos, Mark Hermano, and Chris Guzman
Filipino-American Ray Garcia pretends to be Asian Golden Boy Phil Olaya to win the affections of Rachael White, a white co-ed who thinks all Asians look alike.

Finalist, 2011 The Next 15 Minutes Screenwriting Competition

Guys Prefer Blondes, Girls Prefer Assholes
Nice guy Jim Tunney has finally realized that women only like assholes. With the help of Derek, his genuine bastard of a boss, Jim transforms himself into a bona fide asshole to get the girl of his dreams (who happens to only like nice guys).

TV Spec Scripts

The Big Bang Theory
"The Big Bong Theory"
After a lab accident, Sheldon is transported to an alternate universe where the guys are stupid and Penny is smart. Meanwhile, with Sheldon out of the picture, Wolowitz and Koothrappali vie for his belongings.

Finalist, 2009 Carl Sutter Memorial Television Outreach Program

"Holiday Wishes"
While investigating a case of spontaneous human combustion, Sam and Dean learn that the culprit/cause may be an escaped genie bent on revenge. 

Second Round2007 Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition

Star Academy: 3013
teleplay by Chris Whigham, D.G. McMurray, and Eugene Ramos
Cadet Johnnie Jacobson and his friends must avoid the wrath of the upperclassmen after the alcohol they smuggled into the academy for the big Tri-Centennial Plus Five party is confiscated by the Commandant. Luckily, Johnnie knows of a space cloud primarily made up of alcohol (and traces of cyanide).

Star Academy: 3013
"Pilot #2"
teleplay by Eugene Ramos, created by Chris Whigham, D.G. McMurray, and Eugene Ramos
When Star Academy issues a ban on sex after an outbreak of sexually transmitted parasites, Cadet Johnnie Jacobson decides to sell clones of his pet triblin to cadets desperate to keep their minds off of sex. However, he and his friend Reg accidentally clone hundreds of triblins, causing mayhem in their dorm. Meanwhile, sexy robot C.O.R.A. searches for her elusive pleasure button.