Finalist, 2011 Hamptons International Film Festival’s Screenwriters’ Lab
· Newton’s Laws of Emotion (feature script)

Finalist, 2011 The Next 15 Minutes Screenwriting Competition
· I’m Not Phil (feature script)

Finalist, 2009 Carl Sutter Memorial Television Outreach Program
· “The Big Bang Theory” – The Big Bong Theory (spec script)

Invitee, Spring 2009 NAMIC Writers' Workshop

Diversity Fellow, 2008 NATPE Diversity Fellowship Program                 

Grand Prize Winner, Painkiller Jane: A New Neuro, Starz Media and's "Painkiller Jane" writing competition

Grand Prize Winner, Battlestar Galactica: Before the Cylons, NBC/Universal 
and’s “Battlestar Galactica” writing competition

Second Round, 2007 Austin Film Festival Teleplay Competition
· “Supernatural”– Holiday Wishes (spec script)

Grand Prize Winner, Star Trek: Kirk Vs. Picard, CBS Studios and's 
"Star Trek" scriptwriting competition 

Best Comedy, 2007 Wizard World Los Angeles Film Festival
Grand Jury Prize, 2006 Wizard World Texas Film Festival
Merit Award, 2006 After Hours Film Society Student Film Festival
· The Concoction (short film)

Comedy Central Fellow, Comedy Central and Columbia University (2004-